What is a Postal Match?

Before the internet, if friendly target shooters wanted to compete against one another they could either meet together and exchange targets, or they would participate in a Postal Match. Typically these contests were a standard course of fire that the participants shot, then mailed to the contest organizer for tally. Since the internet can provide us with nearly instant feedback, and we can trade many different targets, it seems to be an ideal format for the "Modern Postal Match".

Sunday, October 3, 2010

August 2010 Match Results - Strengths and Weaknesses

End of Summer. Lots of other distractions. No wonder there were few entries this month. Once again, raise our glasses to the reigning phenom, MrBorland with another nearly flawless performance. Lots of practice and experience are clearly on his side.

Class 1 (Rimfire, Iron)

Mr Borland
S&W 617 .22LR
Score = 177

GSG 1911 .22LR
Score = 170
Ruger MkIII 22/45 .22LR
Score = 176

Class 3 (Centerfire, Iron)

S&W M&P 9mm
Score = 153

Get ready for the September match. More basic skills testing.
Invite your friends to play along - http://www.postalmatch.blogspot.com/

Remember we are now the official postal match of The Gun Nation Podcast. Tune in to Doc Wesson for some informative and entertaining discussion about firearms.

Take someone shooting.

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