What is a Postal Match?

Before the internet, if friendly target shooters wanted to compete against one another they could either meet together and exchange targets, or they would participate in a Postal Match. Typically these contests were a standard course of fire that the participants shot, then mailed to the contest organizer for tally. Since the internet can provide us with nearly instant feedback, and we can trade many different targets, it seems to be an ideal format for the "Modern Postal Match".

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2010 Match - Luck O' The Irish

Ok, so March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns, green beer, pots of gold, and four leaf clovers. For this match we will need to invoke a little Luck O' The Irish as well. This is our first match of 2010 that will be shot WEAK HAND. Yep, use your "dumb paw" to shoot this one. Click the green link below for your target.

Rules of engagement:
Distance: 7 Yards
Grip: Weak Hand Only
Number of shots: 10
Due Date: 3/31/2010

Only two shots per bullseye. If you hit any part of the green it's 1 point. If you hit any part of the white bullseye it's 5 points. If the Luck O' The Irish is with you and you hit any part of the green center it is 10 points. Maximum score = 100 points. Remember to submit your targets to postalmatch@gmail.com.


  1. I'm late to the party but will give this a try! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Another late-to-the-gate question.

    Can I enter more than one gun?

    Thanks for hosting.

    Merle Morrison
    Newport News, VA

  3. Thank you, but it appears you forgot to answer my question?

  4. Yes, you can enter as many guns in each class as you like. Just make sure to be clear as to which targets came from each. Thanks

  5. OK, thank you!!!