What is a Postal Match?

Before the internet, if friendly target shooters wanted to compete against one another they could either meet together and exchange targets, or they would participate in a Postal Match. Typically these contests were a standard course of fire that the participants shot, then mailed to the contest organizer for tally. Since the internet can provide us with nearly instant feedback, and we can trade many different targets, it seems to be an ideal format for the "Modern Postal Match".

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 2009 Match - Die Zombie Die

Die Zombie Die

The Zombies are loose!!! They will eat your brain and turn you into a zombie too. Your job, should you choose to accept it is to kill the zombies. How, you might ask? Well, since zombies are already dead, your basic bludgeoning, drowning, electrocution, or explosion are not effective. Only a HEAD SHOT will have any hope of dispatching one of these bad boys. A little secret, though...sometimes even the perfect head shot is not enough! It seems that some zombies still have a little bit of high functioning brain matter deep in their pathetic skulls. Rumor has it that it can be found deep in their eye sockets. That is the key to truly sending a zombie to meet his maker.
Course of Fire

  • Print out 2 targets for this one (Zombies nearly always come in pairs)

  • Shoot one zombie at 5 yds and one at 7 yds, one hand or two (whichever gives you the advantage)

  • 5 shots per zombie (a total of 10 rounds per entry)

  • As always you can enter as many classes as you like, but only one pair of targets per class

Max points per zombie - 25,
Max points for match - 50
  • White head shot counts as 3 points
  • Red Eye shot counts as 5
  • You can mix your shots...all at the eyes, all at the head, or whatever you can manage.

Scoring Example
  • Two shots to the white (2x3=6), one to the red (5), one on the edge of the red (5) and one miss (0) - 16

Send a digital photo or scan of your 2 zombie kills per class entry to postalmatch@gmail.com by
Saturday October 31st, midnight.
 If you have any questions, please email me.

Lets wipe them out before they get us.
Happy Halloween!!

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