What is a Postal Match?

Before the internet, if friendly target shooters wanted to compete against one another they could either meet together and exchange targets, or they would participate in a Postal Match. Typically these contests were a standard course of fire that the participants shot, then mailed to the contest organizer for tally. Since the internet can provide us with nearly instant feedback, and we can trade many different targets, it seems to be an ideal format for the "Modern Postal Match".

Sunday, August 30, 2009

September 2009 Match - Coney Island Shooting Gallery

Since summer is winding down and in many areas the state fair is in full swing, I thought this month's match should harken back to our childhoods. I remember the carnival shooting gallery where you had to shoot out a red star with a BB gun in order to win some kind of stuffed animal. I was never able to shoot out the star, undoubtedly due to many factors including my skill, and the inaccuracy of the gun. (Not even considering the possibility that the game was rigged!)

I went on the internet and found a picture of one of the Coney Island Shooting Gallery cards. This card was made in about 2004 and was apparently a hand-drawn version of Osama Bin Laden. I think it a little more interesting than the plain stars we have seen in the past. This is the basis of September's match. Because the purpose of shooting out the star was to win a prize, I thought I would sweeten the deal.

The winner of Centerfire will win one 50 round box of CCI Blazer Brass 9mm. The winner of Rimfire will win two 50 round boxes of CCI Standard Velocity .22 Long Rifle.

Course of Fire Rules
  1. Remember to follow the rules outlined on the front page of the blog
  2. ONLY IRON SIGHTS WILL BE ALLOWED (No red dot or optical sights please)
  3. 7 yards. One or two hands - your choice 
  4. Download your targets HERE. (Click on "All Sizes" and then click "Download Largest Size") The targets will print out on 8x11 paper. Best to print IN COLOR.
  5. Shoot out the star. If you are shooting rimfire, you shoot up to 40 rounds. If you are shooting centerfire, you shoot up to 20 rounds. If you shoot out the entire star with fewer than the maximum rounds, please report the number of rounds you needed. Please submit your target even if you did not shoot out the entire star. Submit a digital photo or scan of your target to postalmatch@gmail.com. Deadline for Targets is Wed Sept. 30
  6. Scoring - In each class, if someone shoots out the entire star and no others did, its a win. If more than one shoots out the star, the one who did it with the least number of rounds win. If no one shoots out the whole star then the one who shot out the most wins.
Make sure to include your name, the date and location you shot, the firearm used and ammunition used. Also, if you have any comments, stories etc. submit them too. Shoot as many targets as you like, but only one submission per class per person will be allowed. Have fun and be safe!!!

Invite your friends to join in!

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